Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Biscuit isn't Sponge Bob

I went out to the barn to get Biscuit Saturday afternoon for a ride.  He wouldn't come into the corral and when I walked into the pasture he walked away.  Ok....so not chasing you, Dude!  I went up to the barn and got the Gator.  I drove back to the pasture and started filling up feed pails.  He came into the corral, I dumped a little feed in both buckets.  While he was snacking I shut the gate.  Take that Biscuit Man.  I have opposing thumbs and a slightly higher IQ!  hahahaha.  He tried to evade me a few times but I got the halter on him with no problems.  I tied him to the trailer, turned the Gator around and got him and he trotted all the way to the barn.  I tied him up on the wash rack, got in my Rav and went back for the trailer.  I pulled to the front of the barn to take out Barry's tack and drop the ramp.  Biscuit fussed about getting in because of a puddle.  OMG get your butt in the dang trailer!

We hauled to Kellie's and I backed into her driveway - woot!  I didn't have any trouble and that is a long driveway.  Elan gave us a little fuss loading up but not much.  He just isn't used to the ramp.  We hauled out to Tyrrell and tacked up.  I was going to leave Biscuit's girth a little loose because he is always swishing his tail and yesterday he was stretched out like a TW.  I said "hey dude, what is with the parking out?"  I went to mount up and told Kellie to stand in front in case it slipped.  OMG it slipped and my foot missed the step and I dang near toppled over like a moron.  So much for that - the saddle was tightened and I mounted up.  We walked across to the arena area and OMG Biscuit was walking like the ground was going to eat him.  He hates walking on spongy surfaces.  We went around the road at such a slow pace it was crazy.  We went behind the golf course - took forever to get over there with the two grocery store ponies we had.

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