Saturday, November 16, 2013

Solo Ride

I went on my first solo ride in more than a year.  I went and got the Brenderup this morning, stopping to give Sarge some carrots and kiss him up.  It was overcast and had a good breeze blowing.  I hauled the trailer up to the front and parked it by Brutis' pen.  Biscuit was behind the kennel and when he saw me coming he turned and walked off.  He kept walking to get away from me and I kept following him.  He finally stopped after going around me 2 times in a circle.  I reached out to pet his face and talked soft to him.  He let me put his halter on and I loaded him up and  hauled to the park.

I tacked him up and mounted up.  He stepped off before I sat my butt down but I didn't lose my balance.  I walked him over to the trailhead and the little patootie wouldn't walk though the mud.  He didn't want to go and I kept urging him to go and finally after about 5 minutes he did.  He wasn't too thrilled about the mud but he went.  We went to the left after a pissy moment .  We kept going and passed up the new trail entry.  Just passed there was a downed tree.  Dang.  I couldn't go further then.  It wasn't on the ground like it looks in the pictures.
I turned him around and we went down the new trails and back the trail entry by Cattail Marsh.  Biscuit did pretty good considering he doesn't like mud at all.

We walked by the road all the way around to the stable.  I did wash him off because he was sweaty from struggling through the mud.

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