Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brenderup Goes For Repairs

The Brenderup went in for repairs today.  I washed it out Sunday after riding.  I asked Danny to do the yearly service on it while he has it.  Ugh...this is going to cost a fortune.  Between $1,000 and $1,300.  GAAAAAAA.  I paid a note on it today and now only owe a little less than $600 on it.  I have paid with interest about $15,460 for this trailer.  That doesn't include the $$ to go get it!!!  It has been a great little trailer and I am thrilled to death with it except for this dang problem.  They have to take the ramp off and replace the wood part of it on the inside.  I will go take pictures of it after while to see how it is coming along.  I gave them the number of the man in New Hampshire if they needed assistance.  

I went out to the barn to see The Biscuit.  Jamie was at the turn in with a bale of hay for the mares.  I opened the gate for him to set down a round bale.  Sarge and Biscuit came into the corral and I went in and haltered the Biscuit.  He seems really calm these days like he was before I started having all of these health issues.  No problem catching him at all!  I gook him up to the barn and was talking to The Lee Ann's.  We discussed my new little trailer and taking some trips.  Sounds like Kisatchie might be a good trip for us.  I am hoping Honey Darling Precious will let me haul with his truck without him.  One never knows!!!

I tacked Biscuit up and put him in the corner to mount.  Saddle slipped...wasn't tight enough.  It felt like my legs weren't working.  :-(   We rode out straight down the road to the back.  Lee Ann P said it felt like Legato wanted to bolt.  Biscuit was going along slow as can be but when we rounded the back corner he started walking a little bit faster...Lee Ann said it was Legato's attitude!  She got off of Legato for just a little while and walked her.  I think Legato thought she was on an endurance ride!  

We walked back to the barn and I dismounted and hugged up the Biscuit.  Lee Ann P wants to ride a few times a week and maybe over in the hay field.  I haven't rode in the hay field so that will be a new one for me.  We are supposed to go Wednesday around 2.  That will work for me.  Getting in a little more riding will be nice.  

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