Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Ramp is Off of the Brenderup in for Repair

I stopped at Duvall's to check on the Brenderup today.  I had sent Andy's phone number to Danny and he called him.  He said he didn't really tell him how to get the ramp off but told him 2 different ways to rebuild it!!

I am going to have to get a cover for my Brenderup.  I want it to last a long time and 5 years is NOT a long time in my book.  I should have invested in a cover but Barry wasn't on board with me putting something up.  Well, I will HAVE to have something for my two trailers.  They are important to me and an investment.  I don't ever want to sell the Brenderup.  If Barry and I one day get a larger LQ I would still need a smaller trailer to haul to the vet and to the park every Sunday.  My B'up will always be needed!!!

I went out to see Biscuit and Sarge.  I got out of the car and Biscuit started coming in - Sarge a few seconds behind him.  I got in the corral area and Biscuit walked in and gobbled up treats.  He seems so very calm now - like he was before I had surgery and he started running from me.  Maybe my unsteady gait in the pasture bothered him...I am sure horses sense when things are different.  I know that he could tell when I would be thrown off balance because he would stop.  Whatever it is I am glad he is now coming to me with no problems.  I will see if I can get him to come into the corral every time instead of standing out of the fence to give him treats.  We need to bond!

Talked to Lee Ann P.  She was cleaning the clinic room.  We visited awhile and then I had to go shopping - ugh...I am not a fan of shopping.

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