Monday, December 9, 2013

Such a sad day

My beloved Mom passed away this morning around 7:45 AM.  I will miss her so much.  Mom wasn't a horse lover but she loved the fact that I had horses that I loved so much.

She went with me to see Dashing Big Red for the first time with her cousin, Archie.  That is when I met Margaret who has become a good friend.  Mom went out in a pouring rain to go with me.  She has gone out to the barn to see my horses, listened to my tales of trail riding adventures and cheered me on when I bought my trailer.  I told her I bought this new trailer and I think she understood.  She so wanted me to have an LQ so I could go camping.

I had told her I would love to have a nice LQ and take her with me so she could enjoy the woods while I rode!  That never happened but I did take her with me on overnight trips for SW while I worked there.  I loved to drag Mom around with me.

She thought my horses were pretty but I don't think she ever actually touched one of them!  I will miss her so.  I did go out there to see them after I left my sister's house.  Just petting their faces brought me comfort.

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