Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cold little Biscuit

Last Monday a week I went out to the barn and it was rainy.  Biscuit was standing at his gate and started pawing when he saw me.  I had my hood on and pulled over my face.  He wouldn't let me catch him so I had to get a bucket of feed.  He was very leary of my Star Wars Sand People look.  Poor fellow was shaking like a leaf.  I took him out and into the big barn and toweled him off and put him in a stall with a bunch of hay.  Lee Ann said I could leave him in there.  I felt so bad.  Poor fellow caught a chill.  He was fine when I left.  I came back a few hours later and he was still damp but he was ok.

The next day he was still slightly wet on his back but he was very glad to be able to trot down to his pasture.  Sarge was squealing at him and letting him know he was boss.  He wouldn't let Biscuit under the shed - Biscuit had to stand outside of the shed and eat at the round bale.

I left and then came back later to check on my boys.  Biscuit was just fine then.  I felt so bad that he was cold and shivering.  I am a bad horse momma.

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