Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cankles on a Biscuit

I went out to the barn early - about 7:30 so I could catch Biscuit.  I didn't have a problem catching him.  I loaded him up and thought his back legs looked a little chunky.  I hauled out and stopped at Cracker Barrel for breakfast because we weren't supposed to ride until 10:30.  I went in and had grits, egg and turkey bacon with a biscuit...what could be better than that?  That was a Grandma Hinds breakfast.

Biscuit and I stopped to get gasoline and then went to the park.  OMG he had a huge pile of poo to walk over.  I looked at his back legs and yep...they were starting to cankle up.  Kellie arrived and we discussed his legs and she said Doc would say "ride him".  So off we went.  We flagged down a parks guy to hold open the turnstile so we could get into Cattail Marsh.  There were so many ducks in the ponds!

By the time we got to the bridge over Willow Bayou his cankles were gone.  It was warm and he has a longish coat now. We saw pigs down the ride away to the right by the little land bridge.  We also ran into about 7 on the right side of the bog.  We continued to the back and went down the little trail to the main trail and down the back of the bayou.  Very nice ride.

We saw more pigs at the little cement bridge - we saw 3!  We trotted up some of the way back to the front and then crossed the bridge again.  Coming back up Willow Bayou we trotted and then Biscuit went into a canter.  He had a very nice smooth canter but I must admit I am still hanging on to my pommel.  My balance was ok....getting better each day.

We came up the side of Cattail Marsh and Kellie dismounted to hold the turnstile open.  LOL she says she slips in her new saddle and that her arms are getting weaker.  I held on to her back cinch ring to keep the saddle from sliding and WOOT!!! she was in the saddle.  I told her I had weak legs and she holds Biscuit for me to get on and I will hold her saddle so she can get on!  hahahaha takes both of us to make a ride!!

Biscuit's cankles were gone.  We sat and ate satsumas and Biscuit loved satsumas.  I fed him and Elan treats and we visited.  I noticed his cankles were coming back.  Hummmmm......I hosed his legs off and asked him to load up.  Biscuit was very quiet today on the trail and very loving and sweet.  Normally if I put my face next to his he pulls he leaned into me.  He stopped several times on the trail and dropped his equipment but he didn't pee until just before we came back through Cattail Marsh.  He dropped and pee'd again when I turned him out in his pasture.

I called the vet Monday morning because he had cankles still.  I went out and got prednizone and Benedryl pills and capsules to give to him.  They said several horses had presented with this problem and could be the round bale or just about anything.  They said 3 or 4 days and he should be better.

I ground up his first dose and fed him myself.  Poor Biscuit.  Tuesday morning all four of his legs were cankles.  Tuesday evening the front were a little better.  Wednesday around noon his front was improving but the back is still cankles.  :-(   Hoping it is better soon.

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