Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas.  Last night I gave my granddaughters jumping/rocking horses.  OMG Ava had a fabulous time.  Devin and Lesly are now engaged so Mazlyn is officially a granddaughter!  They loved their horses and Kade loved his electronic games.

Is this not hysterical?  The sheer joy on Ava's face is priceless.  Maz was enjoying herself too.  They were laughing and going to town on their ponies.

Ava was on a 2 point stance and screaming GO GO GO!!!  I think she is going to be an endurance rider!

When I opened my presents I had a back up camera!!!  OMG I was thrilled to pieces to get this.  No more getting in and out of the car anymore - it makes my legs so weak.  Ugh.....this should at least make hooking up the trailer easier!

After Christmas dinner I went out to the barn.  I got out of the car and the horses shot out of their shelter and ran about 20 yards away snorting and blowing!  Hahahahahaa - they finally came into the corral and enjoyed their snack of carrots.  I loved them up and then headed home.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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