Sunday, December 15, 2013

Slow ride with Kellie - I made it to 200.8 Miles today

It has been a rough week.  We buried my beautiful mother Thursday.  I am heartbroken that she is gone.  I am glad she is no longer suffering but I will miss my Mom.  She was my biggest fan for my cakes and thrilled I had horses because I love them so much.  No one loves you like your mom does...this year has been rife with frustration, sadness, pain and suffering and great loss.  I am so hoping and praying 2014 will be a happy year - one of healing and joy.

Kellie and I decided to go for a ride today.  We were meeting at 11:00 AM  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to catch Biscuit so I went out around 8:15.  Jamie had already fed the horses but I took a little bucket of feed and the boys walked right into the corral and I halfed it with them.  They were more than happy to get another little meal.  I took Biscuit up to the front and put him in the arena.  I went back home and ate breakfast and left for the barn at 9:45 AM.  I got Biscuit up on the wash rack and rasped his front feet.  I didn't take them down radically but I got several "red" places on the white line.  :-(

I only had time to do the front hooves.  I cleaned the wash rack and loaded Biscuit up and hauled to Tyrrell.  Kellie was already there and I unloaded and tacked up The Biscuit.

We rode to the front of the park, across the edge of the golf course and onto the bayou side.  We rode around the golf course and up the side of the canal.  We saw a pretty little bird about the size of a chickadee that was bluish and grey.  Not sure what it was but it sure was pretty.  We rode in some areas we haven't rode before over by Cattail Marsh.  Biscuit startled HARD at a dang log.  Good thing that boy spooks in place.

We went through Cattail Marsh and down the side of the bog.  We turned at Willow Bayou and went towards the woods.  We trotted a little bit back there and went into the woods to the left.  ugh.  mud as far as we could see.  We trotted through a little bit of it because it was an easier go.  Biscuit is not a fan of mud.

He was an excellent boy today.  I hosed off his legs and stomach to get rid of the mud.  Kellie and I visited while the horses shared Biscuit's hay bag.  Elan gave him the evil eye a few times.  hahahahah I fussed at him and he laid his ears back at me.  Ooops!  He was jacked up by Cousin Denise and fussed at.  LOL he left Biscuit alone pretty much then.  The horses are so funny.

We rode 6.4 miles today under bright blue skies and 43 degrees.  It was ok in the sun shine and a little cool in the shade but it was ok.

I hauled Biscuit home and Barry was riding Sarge.  He said he could ride for 30 minutes or so but not hours like we do.  Too bad.  I hosed out my trailer and put my tack in the tack room.  I am supposed to take the Brenderup to be repaired tomorrow.

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