Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Little Living Quarters Horse Trail

I have been wanting a little living quarters horse trailer since we started horse camping.  I have poured over LQ's and drooled over them.  A few weeks ago I saw a cute little trailer on   I showed it to Barry and he said it was too little.  I kept looking at it because it was just precious!!!

Last Sunday I sent an email asking for more pictures.  A nice lady called me back - the trailer was her sisters.  She said it was also on  and I went out there and looked and yep...better pictures and it was so cute!

I said I would like to go see it so Monday I drove up there to see it.  Kellie was supposed to go with me but at the last minute business issues got in the way so I went up there myself.  OMG it was precious!  Seemed to be in really good condition.  The lady's sister owned the trailer and her husband had built it in.  She is a purple lover like me!  The trailer has a port a pottie, a cowboy shower, a little sink and a nice refrigerator.

I really liked Linda - and come to find out - her sister Cherry did the Bombproof Clinic with me and Kellie!  Linda showed me the trailer and told me as much as she could about it.  We visited for quiet a while.   She wanted 13k and I offered 9k.  We settled on 10k.   I looked it up on the internet and I couldn't find anything bad about the trailers. Only really positive stuff.

I called the credit union and asked about financing the trailer.  I got that ball rolling.  Credit union wanted it evaluated as it wasn't new and was a built in lq.  I asked Kent if he would go look at it with me because he was close.

Tuesday I went up there and hauled the trailer in Cherry's truck to Kirbyville to be evaluted.  Kent met me there and he liked the trailer.  Woot!  the awning is PURPLE!

I told Barry about it Monday and he wasn't happy at all but I am getting it anyway.  I am tired of waiting.  I didn't ask him to buy it - just to haul it once a month.

Today Cherry came and signed papers for a title transfer.  I will have to call and get insurance on it tomorrow morning.  My note is going to be $201 and a few cents.  I can handle that as my Brenderup will be paid for in March.

Cherry is going to deliver it to me tomorrow.  I can't wait!  So very excited to have my own LQ.  Going to work on the interior and decorate it to please me.  I told Kellie she and I need to go on a road trip as soon as we are able.


K.K. said...

Awesome and exciting news! We don't have an actual LQ in our trailer, but we've camped in the gooseneck of ours a few times last summer. It's soooo much easier to sleep in the trailer, rather than having to deal with setting up a tent.

Denise said...

Thanks KK. It is exciting. I can't wait to fix it up. This was a home conversion but he did a great job!