Friday, December 6, 2013

Insurance is on the trailer

The insurance is going to run me $42 a month.  That bites.  It isn't near that high on the Brenderup.  Oh well.  That is how it goes.  Insurance lady asked me how long the trailer was.  I called Cherry to ask her.  She said she thought it was 12' on the box and 20 foot total.

I came home from sitting with Mom and took a tape measure out to the trailer.  The box is 12' and the nose is 7' 6".  So it is 19.5 feet long.  It is too cute for words.

I went out to check on Biscuit and Sarge this morning.  Cankles are gone!!!!!  They came to the fence and near the round bale and I hugged them up and petted them...passed out a few treats too.  They walked into their little corral and I stopped there for more hugs and treats.

Here is pictures of his legs.

Don't know what caused this but I want to keep up on it.  He needs his feet rasped and hopefully I can do that this weekend.  I didn't want to do it while his feet were cankles because they obviously were bothering him.

The weather next week isn't great except for one or two days it might sunshine.  I am hoping to get out and take good pictures of the trailer and maybe make some curtains for it.  I will need 3 little curtains for the inside and some for the back of the trailer.  Not sure how I am going to rig that up for when I take a shower.  I could get little curtains on suction cups to stick up there when I am taking a shower.

I want a little table like this....

It is a little 4' table - not big not little.  Just right like Goldilocks.  This would be good for the back of the trailer or under the awning.

I think I may get us one of these for the trailer because I love egg mcmuffins.  We have one of these at home and they are great for making breakfast.

This would allow us to make egg salad, toast, muffins or just heat up sausage.  I love these things and it isn't very big.  Barry loves egg salad so it would come in handy for that.

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