Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Riding on Sunday

Sunday Kellie and I were going riding.  I had a time hooking up the trailer but got it done.  I couldn't get it to drop on the ball and stay.  Dang.... I got it all fricked up.  I had to call Barry and he was going to come help me but then I got it done and told him not to come.  I stopped at the barn and loaded up my tack and wet my cool vest.  I then headed to the park.

I got there before Kellie and Biscuit was a little jumpy again.  When Kellie got there she notices how jumpy he was.  He was fine once we got on the trail.  We went to the left side of the trail.  It is a little rough - hoping Ricky can smooth it out.  We had to duck under the tree that is still across the trails.  Someone was trying to tear off the branch thing that whacked me in the face; it is turning brown but still hanging on!!

Went all the way around.  We turned around at the trail head and headed back the other way.  When we crossed over the 2nd right of way I saw a horse shoe with the nails sticking straight up.  I warned Kellie about it and dang...it was Elan's front right shoe.  She got off and picked it up.

We started off again and got around to the tree.  I went under it and Kellie took Elan over the root ball.  It was solid enough now and he did a great job.  We went down the picnic table trail and around to the front.  Down the little trail back to the main trail and back to the trailers.   We went approximately 4 miles.

I still can't find my dang Garmin.  Ugh. I shopped for a new one but I hate to spend money on that right now!!

I washed Biscuit off and we loaded up.  It was a fun ride and I am ready to go again.

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