Monday, May 12, 2014

Biscuit has a major meltdown

Last Monday I was going riding with DeAnn and Lori out at the park.  I went and got Biscuit with no problems whatsoever.  I rasped his feet and groomed him, loaded him up and headed for the park.  DeAnn said she had a flat and would be a little late.

I got to the park and started tacking him up.  I was careful not go get anything under his saddle.  When I cinched it up it didn't seem to pull all the way up.  I ducked under his head to go to the other side and when I reached to tough the girth on the right WHAM...he lost his mind.

He went straight up in the air and forward and then all over the place.  I managed to get his lead rope pulled out and he was by then, sideways crouched down and trembling; looking like he was ready to shoot off like a rocket.  I was trying to calm him down and I was pretty upset myself.  I called Lee Ann Potter almost in tears.  I couldn't imagine what set him off - he has NEVER done anything like this.

I called DeAnn to say I wouldn't ride and she said she would check him out when she got there.  He was still shaking, spooking and having a mini meltdown.  She came and took off his saddle pad and checked it - nothing.  Took everything off and then put it all back on and walked him around.  She got on him and he was fine.  I decided to mount up - I didn't want to let it get bigger in my mind.  I mounted up and off we went.  I was going to show them new trails in Tyrrell.  We went though the woods and out onto the bayou.  Down the bayou to the bridge.  We then turned and went across the yellow brick road bridge and around back to Willow Bayou to Hildebrandt.  We got tangled in a trot line and had to cut out of that.  Biscuit stepped over it with no problem.  The little mare DeAnn was riding turned out to be Biscuit's half sister!  Lena was unimpressed though with Biscuit.  We rode down Willow Bayou until it was Hildebrandt Bayou and went back up towards the park.  We got to the area where it is VERY VERY narrow with a deep crevice on th side.  It was very overgrown so we decided to turn around as there was no clear pathway in a dangerous situation.

When we were going back up Willow on the back side I was going through very high vegetation and wanted to get Biscuit on one of the "pig trails" so I moved him towards one.  As we were going he stepped in a hole probably 8" deep or so.  Dang.  That was a jolt but he took it in stride like he always does.

We went back across the yellow brick road bridge.  When we had originally crossed it DeAnn had got off of Lena and she was ponying another little 2 year old filly.  That little filly was going sideways bless her heart but she did ok the second time.   We went to the left to stay off of the rocks and went past the huge crane with no issues.  We came back up Willow Bayou and went into the woods to the right.  We got to the tree that whacked me and Lori was going to try to cross at the roots.  I told her that Lee Ann B had tried that yesterday with no success.  Poor Bubba sank half way to his knees so she backed him out.  We went under the tree and I scraped my back a little as Biscuit was going a little faster than I wanted as he was following Bubba.  Everyone did just fine and we came through to the little trail to the picnic tables and went down that.  Ran into Ricky V. on the tractor working on the trails.  Woooo hoooo!!!!  I hollered thanks to him and kept going.  We got to the front and chose to go down the little trail to the main trail instead of going on the road.  We finished the ride with no problems at all.

I was so grateful to DeAnn for helping me with Biscuit and my own fears.  Glad I got on him and rode - and that was riding for miles.  Woot.  Working on all of my own issues.
Biscuit's half sister Lena.  She is 5 years old.  What a great little mare

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