Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Working with the Biscuit

Starting last Tuesday I was working with Biscuit in the arena on walking on command, whoa and turn and go the other way.  Tuesday was ok.  He actually knows this...he can just be a toot.  We worked for about 30 minutes the first day.  I also trimmed his front hooves on Tuesday.  Sadda got nasty and ill tempered with Biscuit when I was leading him past his pen.  He nearly got Biscuit on the butt and Biscuit ran in front of my car.  LOL I was hollering at Sadda and LeAnn P came and fussed and him and Sadda went to the other side.  Poor fellow - he has been in the little pen due to the pipeline coming through - they have been teasing him to breed and he is not a happy camper!  I got Biscuit down to his pen and walked him all over - taking his halter off and putting it back on.

Day 2 I trimmed his back hooves and he was very well behaved.  We worked for 50 minutes in the arena going back and forth - whoa is ok.  Sometimes he stops immediately and sometimes he doesn't but when I snap the line he does.  I would rather it be verbal but we are working on it.  I turned my back on Sadda once and dang...he killed on of those little hens that he had just ran out of his pen.  I called LeAnn and she and Jamie and Edgar came to get the little red hen.  She will go in the gumbo pot poor thing.  I put my car at the end of Sadda's pen and walked Biscuit down there after our lesson so we could avoid upsetting Sadda.   LeAnn put him out in his pasture a little later.

Thursday he wouldn't let me catch him and Jamie didn't understand that I wanted him shut in the corral.  Biscuit walked off from me and I followed him and worked with whoa.  He stopped but wouldn't let me catch him.  Ok...didn't expect to.  I came back later that evening and caught him in the corral.  I took him out into the pasture and worked him in the pasture.  He did ok but kind of like "yeah, I know this...just hurry up".  LOL we got it done though.

Friday I worked with him and he did what I asked but sometimes making me really get after him to WHOA...and turn.

Saturday Barry and I went out there with Kayden and Kade got to walk Sarge up by himself.  He thought he was a big boy.  Barry rode Sarge while I worked with Biscuit in the arena.  Biscuit did ok.  Kade got to get on Sarge and be walked around.  I put my helmet on him for safety.

Kade had a great time and Sarge is such a sweetie.  So gentle and sweet.  Biscuit was a good boy today for the most part.  I asked Edgar to tell Jamie to shut my horses in the corral in the morning so I don't have a problem with catching him in the morning.

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