Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 4th Ride

Kellie and I went riding last Sunday morning.  We were riding around the loop of the road and there was a happy birthday sign flapping.  Elan didn't like that too much so we walked over there and he still didn't like it but finally got used to it.

Kellie and I went out Cattail Marsh and went around the bog going to the left over the land bridge first.  Beautiful ride and smelled so good!!  Coming back up the other side of the bog we ran into The Lee Ann's and stopped and talked to them for a moment.  When we got back to the entrance of Cattail Marsh Biscuit wanted to cut across the park.  We went down the little tiny ditch and hit a canter.  We cantered twice.  Woot.  My right foot came out of my stirrup though.

When we got back to the trailers I said goodbye to Kellie and Biscuit and I hit the trail and rode the woods by myself.  Biscuit was a little cranky about it at first but got over it!

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