Sunday, May 11, 2014

Riding out in the Back of Tyrrell Park and horse auction

Kellie and I met to go riding on April 26 at Tyrrell Park.  We didn't ride the weekend before because it was Easter.  Dang...I missed riding!

Kenny was having a consignment horse auction there that day.  When I got to the park I asked him where he wanted me to park as I didn't want to be in anyone's way.  I  parked to the right of the trees and unloaded Biscuit.  The auctioneer and Kenny came over when I unloaded him.  Dang...his lead rope unsnapped while he was eating so grabbed him and ask Kenny to hold him while I got his lead rope reattached.  The auctioneer thought Biscuit was the bomb.  Said he wanted to try Biscuit on a cow...that with his hip he could drop his butt and pull a cow off of their feet.  He asked if Biscuit was in the sale and I said "Ten thousand dollars wouldn't buy this horse from me.  He is my baby."  LOL the Auctioneer said he thought he could get 10k for Biscuit.  We discussed Biscuit's bloodlines and size etc.  But no...Biscuit is NOT for sale.  He said that he'd like to ride him to see what he could do with a cow...I said we might do that one day.  But I think that would not be in my Biscuit's best interest or even in mine.  I think they used to do speed events or cow events of some sort on Biscuit and it took me forever to calm him down in the arena.  He just wanted to go.  He wasn't running away from me or anything but he would be walking off before I got him butt in the saddle.

We went out through Cattail Marsh and down the side of the bayou.  It was gorgeous and fragrant with the flowers in bloom.  Saw birds and alligators...they are coming out in droves now.  Biscuit and Elan were well behaved as always.

We did a little canter coming back up Willow Bayou.  We rode about 7.8 miles.

When we got back to the park Devin and Mazlyn were there and she rode on Biscuit and Elan.  So cute!!!  I got on Elan to try his saddle....omg to wide in the twist for me and I had a hard time getting my leg over the cantle.  Kelly had to push my leg over the cantle when I was dismounting.  

Barry and I stayed and watched the horse auction.  Just a few low priced horses but hopefully it will pick up for Kenny and do better.  

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