Friday, May 30, 2014

Working with Biscuit

I went out to the barn hoping that Biscuit would come into the corral.  Thank goodness he did - he wanted some sunflower seeds.  I shut the gate behind him.  He backed up some when I went to halter him but that was about it.  I walked him up to the front and Jamie hopped out of the Gator and came and took Biscuit from me and put him on the washrack.  Jamie is such a lovely person inside and out.  So blessed to have such nice people looking over my horses day in and day out.

I went into the tack room and Brutis was laying in the corner and didn't even lift his head.  Hummmmm that worried me so I called out to him a few time til he got up.   Ok...He was I had to thump him on the sides and love him up.  I got the pink longe whip and LeAnn's longe line.  I snapped it on Biscuit's halter and headed for the arena.  I noticed Biscuit was walking kind of slow.  His back right seemed a little tight.  I know that Mike trimmed him pretty aggressively so I think his toes were perhaps a little sore.

I asked him to Walk On and pointed in the way I wanted him to go.  He went willingly.  I asked him to trot and he wasn't too interested in that - so I really think it was his toes...not being a toot.  I worked on a signal for him to come to me.  He came into me three times perfectly.  We just worked about 10 minutes or so.  He did a good job.

I put him back on the wash rack and go out my medicated shampoo and washed the fungus area only.  I rinsed him off and did wash out his sheath.  I did put shampoo on his mane and washed that but other than that it was just a rinse with water.  I let the shampoo sit on him for 15 minutes as directed.  I scraped him off and let him graze while he dried.  I called Cassie and asked her about his fungus not healing.  She thinks I am keeping it too wet.  I let it totally dry while letting him graze and then I put him up.

I did go back late this evening and he did come into the corral.  I put just a tiny amount on his withers and gave him carrots.  Sarge refused carrots because I had meds on my hands.

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