Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Ride

Kellie and I set up a time to ride on Mother's Day.  I really wanted to ride - Saturday would have been Dana's 49th birthday and Sunday was my first Mother's Day without Momma. hard loses so close and then these two milestones next to each other...too much - too many.

Anywhooooo...I got up early to make sure I could catch Biscuit.  I got to the barn and Jamie gave me a hug for Mother's Day.  His mom is so far away in Mexico he wasn't able to see her.  Bless him.  He is so sweet.  He had already fed Biscuit so I hurried down there and Biscuit had left the corral.  I tried to entice him with treats and he said no.  I called Barry to come out and he couldn't catch him either.  Jamie went down there with go.

I called Kellie and she said "Call James.  He is riding with us."  So I did and bless James...he came to help.  Barry saddled up Sarge and together with James Biscuit was finally caught.  Well, he allowed Barry to put a rein over him and lead him to the barn.

But, before that was a rodeo.  OMG Sarge was in his element.  He was team penning again!!!  LOL he got to charge after Biscuit and round him up.  He got to side step up over to Biscuit and around they went again.  Biscuit can really outrun Sarge but he also sees Sarge as the dominant horse.  Barry dismounted a few times to catch Biscuit before he was successful.  James said he is disrespectful and roundpenning would help.  I have tried that with no success.  I am not a trainer.

Biscuit was soaking wet with sweat and so was Sarge.  James held Biscuit while Barry and I moved vehicles so I could hook up my trailer.  He was making Biscuit do circles behind the trailer.  We loaded him up and James and I headed for the park.

Biscuit was a little spooky tied to the trailer.  I am going to stop the BOSS (Black Sunflower Seeds).  They may or maynot be making him hot but since the melt down Monday and the spookiness Sunday - going to stop those.  Keep them for treats but not something for everyday.

We rode out Cattail and dang, I forgot Biscuit's boots but I am happy to say he didn't seem ouchy AT ALL!!!  Good Biscuit!  We saw alligators, softshell turtles and best of all a bald eagle!!!  We have seen the brown juvenile eagle but never one sporting the white tail and bald head!!!  Woo hooo!!!  Impressive!

We went around the bog and had a great time.  We came back through the woods and woo hooo!  Ricky's been working on the trails like a champ and they look great!  There had been someone riding an ATV in the woods when we got there and I called the 311 number to report it.  Dang...they scare the horses and there are signs up NO ATV's in park except on the paved road!

All in all, I had a great ride and was so glad I wasn't sitting home upset.  It was a gorgeous day - breezy and just nice to be out on my horse.  Thank God for horses.  Biscuit may be 5% bipolar but he is 100% special to me.

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