Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trimmin' hooves

I didn't know that Mike was coming out to the barn today but I took money to give to LeAnn so that when he did I had the money!  LOL  I got to the barn and Woot!  Mike was there trimming hooves.

I took feed down to the pasture and thank goodness both of them came in.  Biscuit kinda of reluctantly but since I was dumping out feed, he decided not to pass it up.  I put their halters on and walked them up to the barn.  I tied them up in the arena.  I got a brush and cleaned them up.  Biscuit's little fungus patch is not healing over like I would like.  After brushing them and cleaning their hooves, I got the longe line and the pink buggy whip.

I took Biscuit into the other side of the arena and we started at a walk.  He wanted to go the way he wanted but I insisted on going the way I wanted.  Walked and Whoa'd a few times and then I started him trotting .  He Whoa'd for the most part when I asked and faced me each time.  He transistioned from trot to walk...walked around and around and Whoa!  Went into a trot round and round.  We worked for about 10 to 15 minutes and he did a pretty good job.  Didn't WHOA immediately several times but we are working on it.  He seemed much more relaxed today.  Last week after working several days he seemed a little jumpy and on edge.  We ended on a very good note and I stroked his face and shoulder and talked softly to him.

Good Biscuit!!!

It started raining and Biscuit and Sarge just had to stand in the arena while it rained and the other horses were trimmed.  LeAnn B and LeAnn P were there and I talked to them.

Mike did Biscuit's hooves first.  He said they looked good and I told him I had done the last week - wow they GREW like weeds since then.  I told him that I didn't put his hoof boots on a few weeks ago and Biscuit walked down Cattail Marsh road without gimping up.  I think that is improvement!  He said he saw some improvement and thinks in a few more trimmings he will be able to pull Biscuit's toes back where he thinks they should be.  I wish I had had my camera with me and phone was dead so I couldn't take pictures right then.  Biscuit had to pee during the trimming which is very unusual for him.  Must have been the rain!  Biscuit gave him a little bit of an issue doing his feet but Mike just held on to his hoof.  I was telling Mike about Biscuit's fungus on his back and he suggested selenium.  I have some of that and will give it to Biscuit starting tomorrow.

While he was trimming Biscuit, Sarge was squirming like a 4 year old.  He dropped which is odd for him and peed a little and I was able to grab him and remove a little bean from the end of his man bit.  He peed a little more a little later and then again when Mike was trimming his feet.   I guess he didn't go all the way and kept at it.  Hummm....going to keep an eye on that.

Mike trimmed Sarge and said he didn't see any thrush.  I told him I had treated his hoof and would continue to treat it.

Jamie had already fed and left buckets for my boys with their pellets.  I walked them both back down to their pasture.  When I got there I put medication on Biscuit's back and covered it with Desitin to keep it where I put it!

I fed my boys and took their halters off.   I was filthy dirty and wet by then.  Oh well...that is how it goes when you have horses!!!

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