Monday, June 9, 2014

Riding at Ebenezer

I put Biscuit in the stud pen on Tuesday night so I wouldn't have any problem catching him.  I got out to the barn at 6:50 AM.  I got Biscuit out, set him up to eat, hooked up the trailer, got the hay, loaded Biscuit and voila!  I was on my way.

I made good time driving at a steady 55 mph.  I hit the dam straight up at 9:00 AM  I pulled into the #7 where Kellie usually parks and unloaded Biscuit.  He was just fine.  Tied him to the Brenderup and shortly after that Cheri showed up and backed into #7.

They unloaded their horses and we got to meet each other.  I started tacking up Biscuit and he started getting a little jumpy.  When I was cinching him up he was nervous as a cat.  I walked him around and Cheri held him while I mounted.  As soon as I mounted he calmed down.

Her friends, Evelyn, Karen and her husband joined the ride.  We started off and went to the 4 way crossroads and went left.   We ended up going to the waterfall and eating lunch.  It was beautiful and so peaceful there!!!  Afterwards, we bushwhacked through a new area and then we went down to the lake.

Literally NO beach..but plenty of garbage.  That is a shame.  Biscuit drank and walked around a bit and then PLOPPED down in the water.  OMG no warning whatsoever.  Just PLOP.  He easily got up and I took him out.  We got back in as I figured he'd already plopped down and Evelyn was trying to encourage her mare Annie to get in.  Well, he plopped down again.  I can image he was hot and just wanted to cool off.

It was great meeting new people to ride with.  I was able to track it on my new Garmin which wa a thrill for me.

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