Sunday, June 1, 2014

Biscuit is a little better

I went to the barn to check on Biscuit and wash his saddle pad.  Dang...the washing machine was not operational so I had to wash it by hand.  I used some of the medicated shampoo on the spot where Biscuit's sore is.  Ugh.  I would love to get rid of his fungus amoungus permanently.  I am going to start squirting vinegar on it - that should help keep it at bay.   I scrubbed his pad front and back and hoses it down well to get all of the soap out of it.  I left it hanging on the rail by the arena to drip dry.

I went down to the pasture and they were both way out there.  I called to Biscuit and he started coming in.  He stopped at the corral but decided to come on it!  Woot!  Good Biscuit.  I did give him a little handful of sunflower seeds.  I put a little tiny bit of the pink stuff on his sore.  I did notice it was crusting over which is good.  Sarge came in and I gave him some seeds and sprayed their legs with fly spray.

I asked Biscuit to come to me using the same hand motions I had in the arena and he came in closer to me.  Good Boy!!!  Hopefully one day he will stop walking away from me and I will stop needing to get Jamie to lock him in after feeding him.  That will be a great day!

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