Monday, June 30, 2014

Our first trip with the new camper

I worked with Biscuit before going to Ebenezer. He was doing ok. Listens well in the arena - not so good in the field. We went to the barn Wednesday and packed up feed, hay and tack. I spent hours packing the trailer - shopping at the big HEB dang near done me in. Thursday morning Barry was pulling out at 7:30 AM. I was right behind him to go to the barn. I took feed down to the horses and Biscuit would have non of it. Dang. I took Sarge up to the front and waited til Jamie got there. Biscuit came in for Jamie. I was late leaving by one hour because of Biscuit's issues and concerns. I haltered him and he loaded easily and I picked up Sarge and off we went. I left around 9:00 AM. I stopped once in Buna and kept going. I got there at 11:20 AM and unloaded the horses. Barry already had the trailer set up and ready to go. We rested a little and went to town to look for a part for the trailer we thought we needed. Then took a ride to the place where you turn left to go to the Beaver Pond. We turned right and back to the park. Probably a 3 mile ride - my Garmin wasn't working...dead batteries. The ride was very nice. Horses were behaving nicely. Peaceful ride. There was a downed tree Biscuit didn't want to cross so I got off and Barry led him over it. I was able to climb up on the tree and balance and remount!! Woot!!! We met some people in the park that wanted to ride with us on Friday so we agreed on a time. The hot water wasn't working so I had a cold shower and we watched TV. So nice to have a trailer!!! The bed was comfortable too! Friday morning I tacked Biscuit up and he was being a bit of a pill to saddle wihich is unusual. Cherie and her friend Tammy arrived a little late but that was ok. We rode out with 10 people heading for Double Heart. it was a wonderful ride. My cool vest kept it nice and cool. We crossed creeks and walked over logs. We stopped and rested at the Beaver Pond. When we got to the #8 we went straight. Gorgeous trails!!

When we got to Double Heart Ranch we all got off and rested.  We ate our lunches and visited.  Such a pleasant ride!!!  We went back down the trail going in a big loop.  We arrived back at the #8 coming from the left side.  We rested at the creek crossing and OMG Biscuit humped up some of the inclines like he was a steeple chaser.  We went back the same trail Barry and I rode the day before so they went back on a different ride.

Leading a ride to Double Heart Ranch at EveryTrail

We had rode 13.99 miles when we arrived back at Ebenezer.  I hosed Biscuit off and we visited with Kellie and Randy.  Got to show off the new trailer.  Randy said the lines needed to be "bled" and then we had heat for the shower and gas for the stove.  LOL  Barry and I are learning about RV-ing.  We all went and ate at The Stump.  James and Bev arrived and they toured the camper too.  We are riding back to Double Heart with them on Saturday. Kellie and Randy came over and watched the movie "Heat" with us.  LOL  I thought Randy was going to wet his pants laughing so hard.

The bed was pretty comfy so we had no trouble sleeping.  Aaaaaahhhhh...a veritable Taj Mahal!!!

The next morning just when we were going to tack up Sarge started splotching up some.   I gave him the "epi-pen" in the jugular vein and Barry and Kellie crushed up Benedryl and gave it to him like wormer in yogurt.  He liked that.  We called the vet and Doc said ride him.

Barry saddled him and rode about 1/4 mile and decided to turn around as Sarge was pretty zonked from the Benedryl.  Randy and Kellie rode to the 4 way and went right.  Bev, James and I went left and rode to the Beaver Pond.  Stopped to rest...then headed to Double Heart.  We stopped at the little sandy creek crossing and ate lunch.  So beautiful.  I resoaked my cool vest and yamulke.   I was cool as could be.

We started of again and went straight up the trail from #8.  Gorgeous ride - Beverly thought it was so pretty and it really is.  Lots more shade on that side.

We got to Double Heart and ran into Cherry - the lady I bought my little RoadRunner Trailer from!!!  Who would have thunk it?

We rested under the pavilion and we both said we'd like to camp there.  The bathroom and Shower room were so cute!!!

We headed back and crossed all the creeks.  Biscuit was listening to "no running up inclines".  LOL  I think the 31 miles we rode that weekend took the edge off.  :-)

When we got back Bev's son's were there setting up her birthday party.  Biscuit spooked at the balloons right by their covered patio table.  Gaaaa...that was head height!  I hosed Biscuit off and put meds on his fungus.

We ate with Bev, James, their sons Scott ad Kurt, Kellie and Randy.  We had a good time.  It was hot by their trailer so we headed for ours and brought out the little tower fan which kept us cool.  Barry, Randy and James worked on the TV/Radio/DVD player in the trailer and got the radio working and for it to all come on.  It was a blown fuse after all!!

We decided not to ride Sunday morning for various reasons.  We ate a nice breakfast and then started packing up.  I stripped the bed and put all of the dirty clothes in the basket by the back door so all we had to do was open the back door and take it out.  I cleaned the horse pens using my new poop cart! So glad to have my own.  I dumped the water out, picked up haybags and feed bins.  

We loaded the horses and pulled out.  I stopped with Barry while he dumped the grey/black water and we headed to Jasper.  We pulled over there to gas up and air up my tires.  Barry pulled a little faster than me but I am a careful hauler with my horses!  It poured down rain going through Evadale and dropped 15 degrees in minutes.  Got to the barn and unloaded the horses.  Ugh.  Biscuit had pooped which is normal but dang...for only the 3rd time in the time I have owned the Brenderup was it pee'd in.  Sarge peed in the trailer.  I turned them out and headed home.

We had to take the food out and I put that away and started laundry.

What we did discover is the queen sized bed had double bed sheets.  Barry said I was taking all of the sheet.  LOL  I am going to buy a queen sized fitted and a king sized top sheet for the trailer.  I want to finish one of my quilts to put on the bed.  I was sneezing and my voice went hoarse....I am pretty sure it is the carpet in the trailer.   Ugh.  I don't like carpet.

I have more pictures but my computer is in the shop.  Will have to wait to upload those!

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