Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Working with the Biscuit

I went out to the barn early this morning. Biscuit and Sarge were in their little pen. I put the halter on Biscuit and walked him up to the barn. I brushed him off. His legs had a few blood spots but not near as many as they have in the past. I took the vinegar spray bottle out and sprayed his legs til they were literally soaked. I also sprayed it on his fungus area on his back - it is not active at this time and I want to keep it that way. I sprayed it down his backbone til it was soaked. I took him into the arena and worked on his lunging. He does a great job in the arena for the most part. Snorting and blowing as he comes into me but he does a good job of turning when asked. He sometimes wants to do it almost robotic like whether I have asked for a certain move or not. I have to get his attention then. He followed me all over the arena but I know he is still not coming to me in the pasture. I will keep working at it. Took him down and turned him loose in the pasture. Off he went. I stopped at the health food store and got essential oil of Citronella. I am putting it in the vinegar spray for my horses. It was $17 and that is cheaper than the spray I bought the other day and this will make gallons of spray. It seems to work wondefully. We are getting ready for our trip to Ebenezer and I can't wait.

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