Monday, June 30, 2014

Saw a Pink Bird in Tyrrell Park

Sunday morning I called Jamie and asked him to lock up The Biscuit!  I got there and hooked up the trailer first.  Biscuit was pacing back and forth and trying to get out of the corral.  LOL  tough are in the pen!!!

He gave me a little flack catching him but soon I had the halter on him and going down the ranch road.  I stopped and wet my cool vest and yalmulke.  I got to the part before Kellie and tacked up Biscuit.  I didn't pull the girth near as tight as I usually do.  He has that fungus on his shoulder and there is a bare spot.  Not open but no hair all the same.  I put Desitin on it to make sure it didn't rub.

Kellie got there and tacked up.  She stood in front of Biscuit while I mounted up just in case my much looser saddle didn't slip.  We headed into the woods but it was pretty dang soft.  Not standing water but sink down to the fetlocks mud.

We went out Cattail Marsh.  A man was going in as we were going out and Biscuit wanted to follow him.  LOL  I think he was hoping to snag a treat.  We rode down the bayou and the grass was high.  We crossed the bridge and DANG a huge PINK bird with a 4 to 5 foot wingspan flew overhead.  I thought is was a flamingo.  Did I have my camera out?  NO.  Ugh.

We had a great ride around the bog.  It was warm but not unbearable.  We rode up close to the retention ponds hoping to see the pink bird again or maybe his flock...didn't happen but we saw plenty of red winged blackbirds.

I gave Biscuit a good bath with the fungus shampoo at the park.  Kellie and I visited and she gave Biscuit a banana peel which he did eat.

When I got back to the barn, I took Biscuit into the arena and worked with him.  He did a great job.  I cleaned out the trailer too.  Pulled out the mats and washed it out.  Hauled Biscuit back to his pasture and pulled the mats out there and left them out.

We had a great time Sunday

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