Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saturday Ride at Tyrrell Park

Tyrrell Park Saturday Ride with Kellie

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas Kellie and I made a ride at Tyrrell Park. We haven't been in weeks due to several different issues. I hauled out and got Biscuit out of the pasture. I fed him in the pasture and then loaded him up. I got to the park and started tacking him up. He kept jumping and acting nervous at little things. Once he did a big jump forward when the little chickens were behind him. Kellie said "what the heck it up with him doing that? He acts like you are going to hit him". I told her he has been this way since I started working with him in the arena but that he calms down when I get in the saddle. We saddled up and hit the trails to the right. They were a little soft but not bad at all. We went all the way around, going down the new trails too. Ugh. quiet a few spiders. They were little but I got a facefull several times...once with the spider. Ugh. A spider was crawling up the side of my neck. Another was crawling on Biscuit's neck, and Kellie brushed one off of my cantle. Woo hoo....NOT. Some men were on the new trails wiht little beagles and we talked to them. Kept going till we got to the front and then turned around and went back around. We then went down a right of way. Several downed trees. We crossed over the rootball of the tree that gave me the black eye. It is solid now. Biscuit hestitated a little but kept going. We rode 4.8 miles and had a great time We rinsed them off and then headed out. I went to Broussards Farm to see Betty's cakes I helped her decorate!

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