Monday, June 16, 2014

Pushing open the gate

Biscuit or Sarge is pushing open the gate of the corral. I am attached Biscuit' nylon halter to the fence so they can loop it closed when they lock them in for me. I got out there today and they were out so I wasn't able to work with Biscuit. I worked with my Brenderup. I had put the broom and the pitch fork under the mats so the floor would dry. It was still a little wet under there so I opened the back and hauled the mats out and flipped them over so the bottom of the mats dries. I swept it out. I gathered the water bottles out of the tack closet. I was considering how I can make the most of the space in the Brenderup. I will put the hose in the top of the shelf along with their flat feed pans. I want to add some tie bolts to attach a net up there to make sure nothing comes loose. I think a board set in front of the breast bar would work. Hay in front of the bar would hold the board in place. Fork and broom held in by Bungie cords. I think a container with the feed in gallon baggies will work. I went up to the front and visited with Ms. Jean and the LeeAnns. Went back down and put the mats back into the trailer and shut it up. I went back at 10 minutes to 5 this evening. I was able to entice the horses into the corral with BOSS in their buckets. I haltered Biscuit and lounged him in the pasture. He was a BUTT for quiet a bit of the time. He finally join up with me but he was snorting like he was unsure. Dang...hoping he calms down and quits acting like I am killing. him.

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