Monday, June 29, 2009

Red is not sweating and he is a tee totaler!

I took Jennifer and Jeff out to see Red Wednesday morning. Oddly, he wouldn't come to me like he normally does. He seemed ok though. I got just past IH 10 on 365 and I got a call from LeAnne Brown and she said Red was breathing hard and his sides were heaving. I asked her to take him out and wash him down which she did. Bless her heart...she was so sweet to do that. I called Barry and asked him to go check my boy out on his lunch and called Margaret and asked her about this. She said give him some electrolytes. I called Dr. Sherwood's office and asked that he call me and gave her the information. She called back and said that Dr. S didn't handle that and to call the vet in Buna or Dr. Schneiter. I called Dr. Schneiter and left a message. Bless his heart...he called me back and said to order Red some One AC, keep him out of the sun, in a stall with a fan, etc.

I bought some electrolytes at Tractor Supply to give to him. I bought him new reins and a running Martingale in Liberty. I went out to the barn after work and gave him another cool water bath with alcohol and Absorbine liniment. That cooled him off quickly.

I got on the internet and researched this condition. I kept reading to give him a beer. I tried giving him a tallboy Budweiser and Red doesn't like beer!!!

All this week I have been giving him cool water baths and watching his sweat level. He is sweating next to none. Yesterday it was a little on his shoulders, up around his mane on both sides, under his front legs and between his back legs and a tiny bit behind his ears. He is a little cranky this week so I have had to really check his behavior.

Today I went to the barn to check on him. Lee Ann (barn manger Lee Anne!) was riding in the arena and I said I wanted to talk to her. I called out to Red and he was around the back of the pasture but he started heading for me. God love him. I talked to Lee Anne about Red's issues (we had talked the first day too) and told her about calling Dr. Sherwood and then Dr. Schneiter and following what they said. We decided to put Red in the small covered arena during the day and turn him out with Sarge at night. He will be right next to Sarge so they can still bond. She is going to increase his food back to the amount he was getting with 3 feedings - now split between the 2 meals. He will get bahaia hay during the day. I think he will be happier in the arena than in the stall.

I went toward the Silsbee store and Lee Anne called. She said the called Dr. Sherwood and he said he would have come out and checked on Red and he was upset that his office said he wouldn't. I thought it was bizarre and Lee Anne was concerned. Next time I will insist on speaking to him!

Margaret and I met for lunch. We discussed Red's issue and I think Red will be ok. I just won't be able to ride him in the summer heat. I will ride him in the evenings and use a spray bottle to give him "artificial" sweat like someone on the internet suggested. She did that for her horse. I will work on trail riding in the arena by stepping over posts, walking around stuff, etc. All the information I read said it was essential to keep them in good shape. We will take it easy for the next few months riding in the evening or early morning only.

It rained pretty good this evening so I was glad - Red was very cool this afternoon I am sure!


Heather said...

When I worked for the vet we gave non sweaters ThyroL to make them sweat. I'd do some research and ask some horse people what you could give him.

Denise said...

Thyrol? Some think this is related to the thyroid. I ordered One AC and started him on it yesterday. Hopefully it will help.

A lady on a forum gave me a recipe that she said has worked for them on the race track and I am going to try it starting tomorrow.

Thanks Heather!