Sunday, June 21, 2009

Riding on Thursday

Barry and I rode out on Thursday. Good grief it is HOT. We rode around through the sea of grass again and went to the right at the ditch. We rode almost to Hebert Road and Red got all excited. Head came up, ears forward and he wanted to take off! He was trying to call to the other horses but he can't hardly get out a nicker. LOL I think Red is mute. A man came out of a house there and said we were on his property not Plum Nearly. We apologized and said we wouldn't get on his property again. He said he wasn't trying to be rude - we said we certainly understand and we did. So off we went. Back onto Plum Nearly. Red and I loped down the right side of the ranch and it was so fun!!! Red is such a good fellow. He listens to me and I appreciate that!

I didn't get to go to the barn on Friday. I had to go to Houston with Barry and I had so much cake to do. I hate not going to see them.

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