Friday, April 1, 2011

Rode in the Saddle In the Arena

Yesterday I went to the barn after I got back from Houston. I brought Biscuit up and long suffering LeAnn helped me with a girth and the 3 point rigging. We got it all situated with a little girth (it was still too big) and I got on in the arena. I like the saddle!!!

It does sit me up very straight but it feels very good to my bones. I walked him around the arena and trotted him around (he was being very high headed - he gets a little itchie in the arena - that is so funny!).

LeAnn reset the stirrups for me...LOL about 3 times! She got on Biscuit and rode him around and then I got on and around we went. LOL I still can't get on but since LeAnn has short legs like mine it is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. I HAVE to learn to get on Biscuit with my dachshund legs!!! She was able to mount him from the ground. LOL I need to strengthen my legs and quit being a sissy.

It is great to have such wonderful friends...they make riding so much fun!!!

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