Monday, April 4, 2011

Rasping, shots, worming and hoof boots

I went out to the barn and brought Biscuit up.  It started to rain and the wind was blowing.  He was acting a little silly walking up the road.  I tied him in the wash rack but by then it was raining and blowing water in his face.  He was a little nervous so I untied him and Lee Anne B. held him for me while I looked at his feet.  I trimmed some of the bars and rasped them just a little.  He was pretty good about it.  I didn't think it was a good time to really get after it because he did seem nervous.  I talked softly to him, petting his shoulder and reassuring him.  He has a crack in the front from the old abscess and one in the back too.  I rasped them to smooth them out.  I need to nip his hooves...hopefully I can do that tomorrow. 

I tried to put the wormer in his mouth and he cranked up that head and was pulling back and I didn't want him to crack his head on the ceiling.  Lee Anne B got his face held steady (she is amazing with horses!!) and shot it in his mouth before he knew it.  Red and Sarge are used to being wormed and it is no big deal really to them...Sarge is a little fussier but he doesn't freak out.  Red was a good boy about it.  Biscuit will be too, in time and with experience with it. 

I had ran to Doc's today on my lunch and picked up Biscuit's shots.  It was $50.  I gave him a shot in each side of his neck.  Done!!  Rasped, wormed and shots...what a day. 

It was still sprinkling and the wind was blowing when I took him back down to his paddock.  He got out there rearing up to Sarge and Sarge tolerated him for the most part.  I left and headed home. 

I got home and wow wee!!!  Hoof boots were on the front porch!  Kellie and I are set for next weekend.  I did call Edgar and asked him to give Sarge some alfalfa everyday this week.  He needs it.  I still don't like the way he looks.

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