Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Biscuit is golden

I went out to the barn and paid the stable fees for my boys.  It is always nice to see Linda!  I went out to the back and brought Biscuit up.  It was a gorgeous day!!  Biscuit was gleaming in the sun which is so thrilling to see.  In five months he went from a dull, lack luster coat, underweight and lacking muscle tone and too short on the hooves to a coat that is slick and gleaming with gold high lights, he has filled out, gained weight, muscle tone and his hooves are growing like weeds. 

Biscuit N' Honey is a Golden Boy
I brought him up to the barn and I used the clippers to trim his whiskers and his hairy jaw!!  My goodness, he had a full beard under his jaw.  I made a few gouge marks but over all, it looked pretty darn good.  I trimmed his fetlocks just a little on his front legs and with a little coaxing, I was able to trim his bridle path.  I cut a chunk of the mane that made up his forlock but it straightened it up.

I took him on the washrack after LeAnn P got through with Lagato and Amir's Song.  Amir's Song's hooves are looking so much better and she can move easier than before.  That is such a pleasure to see.  Lagato was in the arena standing by Shalom and I snapped this picture...I thought she was so cute!

Legato, Shalome and Julia
I started working on Biscuit's feet.  I was nipping them...I wish they made nippers for women and I think I could do it better.  Biscuit does better with picking up his feet but not all the time.  I got them nipped and tried to rasp.  His back right hoof looked like the pits.  In the end, LeAnn P had to help me and Lee Anne B was holding Biscuit.  LeAnn P said he is now used to holding up his feet and it is time to get firmer when he pulls them away.

She is right - I need to be firmer with him so that I can get this done!  I will have to finish two feet tomorrow - it was kicking my butt!!  I am going to order a rasp and handle tonight from Alvin Farrier Supply.  The Bellota rasp is better than the one that I have...the one that I have is probably ok for light rasping but for serious-get-after-it rasping it doesn't work!

We talked about our trip to McKinney Roughs and we are all so excited.  I can't wait!!

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