Saturday, April 2, 2011

I mounted Biscuit from the flat today!!!

Riding in my new Alleghany Saddle!!

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Biscuit just before tacking up looking like a million bucks
I went riding today with Barry, Kellie and Randy at Tyrrell Park. Barry and I went out to the barn around 9:30 and loaded up the horses and tack. I had to get a cake to a bride at 10:00 at the park but we weren't riding til 11:00. I knew I would need a little extra time to tack Biscuit up because of his new girth.

We got out to the park and I brushed Biscuit and he looked terrific. His coat is looking fantastic, his mane has a gorgeous color and he is picking up those hooves like a a well trained boy. The bride came and picked up the cake.
Biscuit in his new Alleghany Renegade Trail Saddle
Barry and I saw three trucks come into the park hauling 4 wheelers. Gaaa...there isn't supposed to be 4 wheelers in the park.

Kellie and Randy arrived! I didn't know Randy was riding with us so that was terrific! They liked the new saddle and Kellie helped me check the girth. I had to retighten it. It is so much easier to tighten than my Aussie. It is set up in a 3 point rigging and I like it.

We started off and went across the park and tried to go into the woods on some trails that turned out to be hiking trails. We crossed back over and towards the equestrian trails. When we got to the equestrian trail it looked like slurry had been dumped there. OMG the 4 wheelers had tore up the trails and made them a muddy mess...not just muddy...soupy. We turned around and went back. The trucks were parked near Cattail Marsh entrance and Kellie snapped pics of their tags.
Kellie and Randy going through buttercups (evening primrose)
We entered the Marsh and went down the calichee road. Tons of ducks and birds in the marsh holding ponds. Buttercups and purple and lavender flowers everywhere. So pretty! Down by Willow Bayou and over the bridge. We stopped and cleaned hooves. I used my new little folding hoof pick for the first time. It works ok...but it is not the best for southeast Texas gumbo mud that is like clay and glue combined. I took him over to the embankment and mounted and off we went. We crossed over the land bridge and saw quiet a bit of droppings with white/yellow specks in it. Randy thought it might be either hog or coyote droppings. Kind of hard to say. We went along the trail and it was exploding with plants of every shade and tint, birds of all kinds, turtles, alligators (just saw mostly little ones today) and flowers blooming. The grass was deep and lush. The trees haven't leafed out yet but there are so many deciduous trees that is it still very green.
Calichee Road with buttercups galore

We got to the back and stopped by the bayou. It was, alive, and teeming with life.
Hildebrandt Bayou in the background.  We are about 3.5 miles out

We went down the back of the bayou and came to the tree that Biscuit used to have trouble with. Kenny had cut it so it was no problem. We went down and Randy was going to take the lead so that Elan wouldn't want to run up and down the hills. He and Reagan started out and then Reagan stopped and started backing up and pushing back into us...and the bayou was right there with a 4 foot drop off. GAAAAA!!!! Barry took the lead with Sarge and we went up and down the hills and through the wooded area that smelled like heaven...honeysuckle, pine scent and other flowers. Gorgeous trails that were so much fun to ride. We went past the cypress swamp and Randy said he doesn't remember cypress trees from years ago. I think they must have skirted up around them to the west so didn't see them.

We came out on the other side and went down to the end of the land mass to Hildebrandt Bayou. We started riding again down the trail and we worked on the jog. Reagan has a beautiful jog but can't keep it up. I worked on keeping Biscuit off of the other horses tails. He is doing better and better. He was pretty darn sweaty and the color of gold. We crossed the bridge and we stopped to clean hooves. I took him over to the embankment to mount. We took off and rode back towards the woods. We went down the calichee road and again there were tons of birds in the holding ponds. We crossed through Cattail Marsh entrance. We crossed the entrance which was muddy and wet as all get out.

We crossed the street and went under a tree to clean hooves again. Barry said that Sarge was pretty wore out. Poor guy...those parasites have kicked his butt. I got off and Biscuit picked up his feet and stood quietly. He was soaking wet. I said "it is flat here...I need a low spot to get on". Randy said "No you don't. Just try it."

So, I said, " Ok. I will...Barry, hold The Biscuit Man". I stuck my foot in, stood close to his flank, reached up and grabbed his mane and pushed. Wow WEEEE!!! I was sitting in my saddle!!! Randy said "you didn't even make funny noises!!" Kellie had been watching all of the inflated jumping thingies at a party across the way and she turned around and said , "Did you get up there by yourself?" Barry and Randy said yes she did with no help and no grunting! LOL Kellie said, "Do it again, let me see!!"

I dismounted and did it again!!! OMG I was thrilled!!!! We took off across the park again and headed for the trailers. When we got there, Barry and Kellie were cantering and I walked Biscuit up to the trailer and dismounted. I remounted! Woot!!! 3 times. I was thrilled!!!

I took his saddle off and I was thrilled to see that he didn't have dry spots on his back...full contact with the saddle - no bridging!
Biscuit after his saddle was removed

Biscuit after his saddle was removed
Thank God I had a cold Diet Coke - it was extremely humid today and hot. It was overcast for some of the ride and sun shining for some of the day. It was such a wonderful ride today and I enjoyed Kellie and Randy's company. Barry's too! He said he is through getting stuff for me when I drop it, I will have to tighten my own girth too! I am thrilled to be able to do that. I don't know if I will be able to mount when I first start out...I am not that flexible and it seems I "loosen" up as I ride. We shall see and I shall work on it! I can't wait for next weekend and riding with my peeps!

I am still smiling and it is hours later!

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