Friday, April 1, 2011

Got a new girth and girth ring guards

I bought a new girth yesterday that is literally pony sized. I also bought leather/wool guards for the rings of the girth so they don't dig into Biscuit.

I picked up the Hoof Boot Kit from 5 Star when I bought the girth so we can try them on Elan. I took Kade to school this morning and headed out to Kellie's house. Casey Schneiter was trimming her horses and wow wee...he is FAST. It was a pleasure to watch him trim the horses.

We tried the hoof boots on Elan and he will take size 1.5 just like Biscuit. Kellie and I looked them up in Valley Vet and I called and ordered us each a set. They ship today and should arrive Wednesday. We are set!!

Margaret came and visited and I took her to see The Biscuit and Sarge. Biscuit looks better and better each day. His coat is shiny and gold - Margaret thinks he would be very dark gold if he was kept inside. I like him outside though. He let me pick up his feet - he is doing so well and I am so proud of him.

I showed her my saddle and Julia was there and they both liked it. Margaret helped me put the cinch guards on and I am ready to go tomorrow. I think I need a new saddle pad though - a round one. I will look for one that will work with my saddle.

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