Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Biscuit comes to me now

After 5 months and 3 weeks, Biscuit will now come to me...probably not all the time but the last three times I have been out at the barn he has come in from the pasture.  He comes right to me to be hugged and petted.  It has taken all of this time to earn his trust and affection. 

He is looking fantastic.  He has gained all of the weight I want him to have on him...his chest is filled out and so is his neck.  He looks like the well bred Quarter Horse that he is. 

I am looking forward to my rides this weekend.  The LeAnne's are going so I will probably ride with them Saturday afternoon.  Small groups are so much nicer than large groups.  LeAnne B. wants to go to the Beaver Dam so I am sure we will make a trip to that and I want to go to The Falls.  Such beautiful rides.

McKinney Roughs was a terrific place to ride - but I still like Ebenezer best.  It is closer for one thing, it is not rocky, it has hills and dips and turns, plus stepping over the downed trees is good training for me and for Biscuit.  I also like going through the creeks and slews...that is also good training for my boy.  I like the fact that we can camp there!

I did like that McKinney had such beautiful scenery and was a different place to ride.  A change of scenery is always good.  It is good for Biscuit to have different trails to experience and each time he gets a little braver about going first.  How Esther got him to lead is beyond me...he is not too fond of that!

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