Sunday, April 3, 2011

I ordered Swivel Stirrups

I ordered Swivel Stirrups today.  I am hedging all bets to ride this weekend.  I loaned my Crooked Stirrups to Margaret so Ronnie could try them.  She will return them this week so I can take all three styles down to McKinney Roughs this weekend.  I had a cortisone shot in my knee so I am not real sure whether it did or did not torque my knee when I rode.  I do know that the hardware of what I currently have is pushing against my legs and making a sore spot.  It currently has this:

stirrup straightener

I will find something that works.  I ordered the Swivel for a 2.5" wide leather part and that is what is on my new saddle.  I went out to the barn to check.

I took alfalfa to the horses.  They were way out in the back of the pasture and I walked out there with some alfalfa.  They finally followed me up to the front so they could eat the 2 flakes I brought them.  I gave a little more to Sarge...he needs alfalfa to help return his coat to its former glory.

Tomorrow I have to get shots for Biscuit, trim his hooves and worm him.  He has a big day planned!  Sarge's feet need to be tended to this week, too.  Then, Friday, is off to McKinney Roughs!!  I can't wait!

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