Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sarge is looking better and Hoof Boot Gloves go on!

I went to Sam's to try to get another girth but had no luck on a little dinky girth with a d ring!  Bummer.  I did get a hay bag and fly spray.  I then went out to the barn and brought up Biscuit.   He came to me in the pasture as did Sarge.  Sarge is looking much better.  I could see he is putting weight back on, thank God.  He is shedding out on his chest and front of his neck.  I think in a month he will be back to what he is supposed to look like!  My poor baby.  I hugged him up. 

I took Biscuit up to the front.  He always stops halfway up Syd Abu's pasture and wants to move to the left.  He was very cautious by the torn down shed....looking at it like it was a dragon.  What a silly boy.  I got to the barn and tied him by the tack room as Ms. Jean had Spirit and Elmer up there.  Elmer is a nice looking boy and Spirit is a very nice looking Arabian.  It is a shame their owner doesn't come out and take an interest in them.  Elmer could be a very nice horse if he was trained.  He stood there pawing a little later after Ms. Jean left him there and Spirit was dancing around.  By then I did have Biscuit up there and trying to do his hooves was making ME nervous.  Edgar and Jaimie took them back down to their pasture.  Two older Arabian mares Tootsie and can't remember the other ones name was brought up to be brushed.  OMG they were shedding like crazy.

I worked on Biscuit's feet rasping them with my little rasp.  A few times he pulled his foot from me and I popped his shoulder.  He the stood quietly but I did set him up a hay bag.  Whatever it takes to make him comfy while I learn myself is a good thing.  I think I got his feet in a decent shape. 

I loaded my saddle in the trailer with my saddle pad, saddle bags and bridle. I am ready to go!!!  I went back to Biscuit and pulled his hoof boots on.  LOL  He was so funny walking around in them.  I tied him by the tack room while I cleaned off the washrack and he was pawing in the dirt. 

It looked like the right boot is a little loose in the v split.  I will need to get that little gromlet but in the mean time, if I have to use them I will use duct tape!  We went down the ranch road on the gravel and he seemed to do just fine.

I told Barry that Sarge was looking better and we went back out to the barn later.  Barry bundled up 2 flakes of Alfalfa for him and they were both on the other side of the pasture but Biscuit came right away and Sarge a little later.  I was thrilled to see the Biscuit Man coming on his own.  They both got some alfalfa - Sarge getting the lion's share which is fine.  Barry agreed that he was looking better.  I think in 5-6 weeks he is going to look like his old self. 

I got my saddle and brought it home.  I got the swivel attachments in!  Yay!!!  Only thing is they didn't fit my stirrups.  I think the leather covers on both sides made it too small to attach.  I am going to put the stirrups back on and get my Crooked Stirrups and put those on with these when we get to Happy Horse Hotel.  That is if I get them from Margaret before I leave.  Possibly, swivel with Crooked Stirrups will be a winning combo. 

Barry and I went to Academy.  I got some heavy duty clips for buckets, lithium batteries, 2 shirts and a pair of jeans to go on my trip.  I am ready!!!

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