Sunday, April 24, 2011

Riding at Ebenezer in April

I had two wedding cakes to do last weekend.  Barry left early Saturday morning with the horses and I finished my cakes and left The Elegante at 2:30 PM.  Kellie texted me that the ride was at 4:00.  I drove at a pretty fast clip to get there.  I arrived at 3:50.  Barry was taking a nap!

We saddled up and rode out.  We went to the lake.  Biscuit was a handful...he kept charging Bella, Kent's dog.  She was flitting in and out and he was getting more and more charged up.  Finally I had to get off of him and calm him down.  I told everyone to ride out ahead of us and Barry and I would catch up.  I got him settled down and I got back on and away we went.  He was full of beans but I made it.  Down to the water and we walked in the water and he started pawing so I had to kick and pop with the reins to get him out!  LOL  I didn't want him to roll with my new saddle.

Ebenezer April 16th PM Ride

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Barry and I came down the road at a good clip.  I had Biscuit trotting behind Sarge nose to tail.  He is just feeling good and wanting to go.  We rode a little more than  3.9 miles.  We got back to the park and I had brought a crock pot chicken with me.  We had chicken sitting at Kellie's trailer.  We all were laughing and cutting up and having a good time.  I forgot the sleeping bag....Kent loaned us one but I was still cold!!!  The air in the mattress was cold!

The next morning I saddled up, Margaret and Ronnie joined the group to ride on Bones and Easy.  Kellie and Randy saddled up but didn't ride as it turned out that Elan had a sore back.

We started out heading for the Beaver Pond.

Ebenezer April 17 AM Ride

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Barry was leading when we started out.  I kept Biscuit right behind Barry.  We made it to the pond with no problems.  We crossed over some roads and were in the area where the Pitcher Plant flowers are growing wild.  I moved Biscuit to get behind Barry and he backed up all of a sudden and went side ways and kicked Bones.  OMG Biscuit has NEVER kicked at another horse.  He was acting like an ASS so I got off of him til I got him calmed down to my satisfaction.  He was a handful going up and down the hills.  He was wanting to bust out and GO.  Several times he hit a lope going up hills, etc.  I was a little unnerved but I made it!! 

He is not the same horse I got 6 months ago.  He is looking like a million bucks and I think he actually feels like a million bucks!!  I got back to the park and Robin and Jimmy said how gorgeous he looked.  Jimmy said Robin still wanted Biscuit - he was the size, build and color she wanted.  Robin said she would take him off my hands in a minute.  She also loved my saddle - I told her to ride The Biscuit - and she was trying to get him to canter.  He did some in a circle but not much.  I had lost my camera and Barry had gone back down the trail to find it so we were just visiting with Kellie and Randy.  I told Robin if I sold The Biscuit she would be the first to know.  Barry found my camera - the lens protector doesn't want to shut and it was full of sand but it works.

We visited, loaded up stuff, visited, loaded the horses and took off.  I was following Barry and we stopped and ate at Novrotsky's in Jasper.  I was starving.  It was a fun weekend but I need to ride Biscuit more - he is really feeling his oats.

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