Monday, May 30, 2011

I ordered a tush cush

Even though I have a super padded seat in my Alleghany Saddle I still can feel my pelvic bones when I ride and they get sore as all get out.  OMG they were killing me riding this past weekend in Kistachie.  Sam was riding ahead of me on Saturday and she has a Tucker.  She said she never gets sore any more riding in a Tucker but Tucker's just weren't for me.  I got home and I actually have bruising on inside of my legs where I am sitting.  Gaaaa.  I am such a fluffy. 

I did some research and found this:
 Western Seat Cushion
I ordered it and Valley Vet is johnny on the spot for getting stuff out.  I will probably have it before Friday.  I didn't want the ones that roll up the is just my pelvic area that needs the cush!!!

Kellie and I are going riding in Conroe next weekend so it will be tested quickly!!!

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