Monday, May 16, 2011

Biscuit and Sarge go to the Vet

I hauled Biscuit and Sarge to the vet to have Biscuit tube wormed and both of them to get health certificates.  I told Jaime today not to feed them because I would feed them in the trailer.  I left Biscuit in the arena earlier today.  When I went back to the barn he started trotting around the arena when he saw me...I am sure his thought bubble said "where the heck is my feed sister?"

I put their feed in the buckets and Biscuit was more than happy to haul his backside into the trailer.  I went down to the pasture and got Sarge and loaded him up.  We hauled down 365 to Doc's.  I went in to the hallway and there was a week old white mini foal getting IV fluids.  It was SO tiny!!!

I unloaded Biscuit and Sarge got all wired up - LOL  I think he knew he was at Doc's and he wanted no part of that!  I led Biscuit into the hallway and he was so nervous that I led him onto the porch overhang and he calmed down.  I kept talking to him softly and he finally totally relaxed and dropped his head.  He stood quietly until a man unloaded his little mare - I think Biscuit liked her!  I had to pull him back.  The man said that Biscuit was beautiful.  Bisckie is pretty darn cute. 

Doc finally was ready and got his pail and his tube and his twitch.  Ok...Bisckie wasn't so crazy about the twitch.  He was backing up and trying to evade Doc.  Poor guy.  I told Doc he was the bravest guy I knew (LOL  this old chick would not have the cajones to twitch a horse) and Doc said there was another name for it and it was stupid!  LOL  He is so funny.  Poor guy got knocked out when a horse head butted him last week.   The older I get the bigger sissy I become.   I did hold the twitch while Doc but the tube in and dumped in the wormer.

Before Biscuit knew it - he was tube wormed.  Doc pulled the tube out and petted Biscuit up.  I asked him what he thought Biscuit weighed and he said around 1100 or so lbs.  He said 1200 was a whole lotta horse and didn't think Biscuit was near that!  I loaded Biscuit up and I asked if he needed me to pull Sarge out but he said no but came over to look at Sarge.  He said that Sarge was looking good - almost too fat - I don't think so but that is my opinion!!!  LOL  He said Sarge was fine - and that he was slick and soft.  He said he thought Biscuit may still have parasites - and that is why his hair is still a little rough.  Geez...maybe he got more from Sarge or they never totally went away.  Doesn't matter - I am sure I will get them under control.  Any horse can get worms especially those that you haul around.  Heck, Legato had worms not too long ago and that horse is vetted out the wazootie. 

Doc couldn't find Biscuit's Coggin's.  I am sure it was there - LOL  I forgot to tell Doc it could have been under Pac or Nick.  I will take my copy tomorrow and get Cassie to make out the Health Certificate. 

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