Monday, May 30, 2011

Logging 182 Miles

Biscuit and I have logged 182 miles this year on the trails.  I have rode in the arena and at the ranch once but that hasn't been included as it was so little.  It is about 36 miles on average for the month.  If that holds for the rest of the year we will log 436 miles for the year.  I would like to make at least 500 miles so I think I need to log some more miles.  

Now that summer is here perhaps LeAnne and I can haul on Mondays out to Tyrrell and get in a short ride.  That would be nice to ride the woods.  Good exercise for Biscuit to jog behind Rouge while he gaits. 

Kellie and I want to ride at the Jones Park in Conroe next weekend.  That will be fun. 

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