Sunday, May 15, 2011

Out at the barn with The Boys

Barry and I headed over to the barn to take the tack we had remaining back.  He went down to the pasture and brought up the boys.  Sarge is looking fantastic!!!  OMG it is so good to see that boy slicking off, his hair shining like polished copper and putting weight back on.  I put Biscuit up on the wash rack so I could watch Barry work with Sarge in the round pen.

Lee Ann and I were talking about Rogue - I gave him a tiny treat - and I gave Biscuit one, too.  Barry then worked Biscuit free lunging him in the small arena.  He doesn't collect up like Sarge and you can see a big difference in the way they move.  Sarge is smooth and effortless - Biscuit is stiff and unbending but that is what we will start working on tomorrow.  He is willing and very smart and that is what counts!

Barry played barber shop with Sarge and trimmed his whiskers and bridle path and Sarge stood there like a good boy.

LeAnn P and Doug came through and we chatted a few minutes - they were going to a rodeo something or another tonight so were leaving the barn.

Later Barry and I joined Kellie, Randy and Justin at JuJu's for crawfish - well, I had potatoes and corn and Diet Coke - Barry ate crawfish!

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