Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rockin' R Rider's Tack Sale/Swap was a huge success!!!

Today was our Tack Sale/Swap at Tyrrell Park.  We brought our unwanted/unneeded tack out to the stables to sale.  We invited anyone and everyone to join in and bring what they had to sale or bring it to swap if they could.

I brought my 2 Aussie Saddles, Barry's two saddles, bridles, halters, saddle pads, hoof boots, cinches, bits, etc.

I had several people look at the Aussie's which kinda surprised me as this is not Aussie territory!  Kenny looked at them but we couldn't come together on a price.  I dropped it to $600 but $500 for Kenny - with both saddles.  That was my 18" Aussie with breast strap, leg woolies, suede stirrup pads and saddle pad and the 19" saddle.  An older gentleman was interested and he got on them both several times.  He had Paso Fino's so those saddles will be perfect for him.  He paid me the $600 and I was thrilled.  I sold the big gel saddle pad along with the Skito pad to Spirit Stables and I threw in the flat neoprene non skid pad.

I sold reins and a few girths and traded reins to Meg for a fat snaffle like LeAnn said I should use for the arena training with Biscuit!  Margaret wants the back cinch thingies for $40 and Esther is going to try out the martingale for someone and they will pay $20.  So I did pretty good.

We all had a great time - LeAnn's hubby Doug was there and the other Lee Anne's hubby Spud was too.  Esther's husband Michael came out with his super cool new BMW motorcycle that was KILLER. 

Meg's truck sprang a fuel line pump thingy leak and Barry and Randy helped her with it.  Her truck was POURING out diesel.   LOL it is always an adventure.

We all had a very good time and Kellie gave me a Justin and a Professional Choice pommel bag that is waterproof.  Woot!!!


goodtimetoreview said...

I love tack swaps! I went to one this weekend at the Horse Fair and I bought an Impact Gel pad for $10.
That's awesome that you got both aussies sold for $600! I bought one last spring for $40 at an auction. I am Definanately not in Aussie country up here in North Dakota so I think that's why I got such a good deal on it. I am hoping to finally try it out this summer

Denise said...

OMG you got some great deals!!! I was surprised I sold the Aussies - this is WESTERN country but we also have alot of trail riders now so they are riding all kinds of gaited breeds so I guess I got lucky!!