Monday, May 9, 2011

Rogue colicked

Poor old Rogue colicked after The LeAnn's came home Saturday.  LeAnn P said she heard him kicking in the trailer when they turned on Hwy 90 in Liberty.  He kept kicking so they stopped to check on him.  He seemed fine, poop and all.  They got back to the barn around 5:30 PM and he dropped to the ground by the stallion pen and rolled.  They had a situation going.  They gave him banamine and ace and walked him.  He seemed better later, walking, gut sounds and some poop.  Lee Ann B went home for awhile.  Ms. Jean checked on him at 8:30 and he was fine but at 10:00 or so he was down and rolling.  She called LeAnn P and they got ahold of Lee Ann B and she returned to the barn, walking etc. until 1:00 AM when he seemed to improve.  She slept in her car by the arena.  He was better at 5:00 AM and seemed just fine today when I went out to the barn.  Poor guy.  When he gets sick - he gets SICK.  LeAnn P noted that he and Biscuit have diarrhea when we haul them and she said Rogue had a firm poop. She just thought he was a happy camper.  I said that I thought Red colicked because he hadn't had any alfalfa.  Maybe Lee Ann needs to give him small amounts of alfalfa on a daily or every other day basis just to keep that gut moving.  Poor Rogue - he is such a gumpy looking fellow but he really is sweet and LeAnn P said he is the best patient in the world - sweet as pie when he is feeling bad.  I am just so glad that he is ok. 

I brought Biscuit up to the wash rack.  I sharpened my knife and trimmed some of his frog but his feet are SO hard it is impossible for me to trim them.  My hands are killing me with arthritis right now so I asked LeAnn to get Reagan to trim both the boys so I can get them shaped up and in the right direction til I get on my arthritis meds.  I had an MRI Friday and the results were:  small tear in the meniscus and loads of arthritis.  Ugh....I woke up and my hands and wrists were killing me.   With the knee brace it doesn't hurt to ride, thank God!!!

LeAnn P is going to give me lessons so I can become a more confident rider.  We are going to start Monday and I am looking forward to it.  Lee Anne B is going to lend me a big fat snaffle and her easy access bridle.  Biscuit is going to school.  I am going to try to ride 3 days a week.  If I can ride Sunday, Monday and Wednesday that will be good.  More often if I don't have cakes. 

LeAnn P said some man that is building partition fences in the paddocks asked if "the big Palomino horse was for sale".  LOL that is a riot.  She told him that he belonged to a boarder and he asked if Biscuit was a high dollar horse.  She said that depended on what one considered a high dollar horse.  She said he asked what I did with him and she said I rode him every weekend.  LOL  LeAnn answered him without really telling him squat which I thought was hilarious.  I like The Biscuit.  He is not for sale at this time. 

I gave him a few little treats and put a stud chain on his halter.  He is a little pushy walking back to his paddock and he needs to learn to go at my pace - especially with my knee hurting like it does right now. 

I got stuff out for our tack sale that is Saturday.  We are going to have a blast.  Kellie and I are planning on riding Sunday morning out at Tyrrell...looking forward to it.

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