Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Picked up the boy's health certificates

I went out to Doc's after work and Cassie had their paperwork ready.  Biscuit' was under Pac which is
what I called him when I first got him.  She made copies of their Coggin's and Doc signed the copies.  I went and looked at the little miniature filly.  OMG is she TINY.

Poor little tyke, she has diarrhea really bad and they are working to get it regulated.  Her little neck is shaved and she has had IV's.

Doc had several babies so I had to look at them up close!   I love foals - they are just too cute for words!

  There were two more that I didn't take pictures of.  One was a Thoroughbred mare's little stud colt in the round pen.  He was a pistol.  I was petting him and he seemed to love the attention!

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