Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I didn't ride this past weekend

Barry hauled the boys up to Ebenezer early Friday morning.  LOL  he had a time catching Biscuit...Biscuit pulled a Legato and was running around the pasture.  He was finally loaded and off they went.  Barry and Sarge rode Friday for a long ride.

I was texting with Kellie and she asked if Robin could ride Biscuit so she didn't have to rent a horse as Eli and Jimmy were riding their horses George and Sunny.  I said sure.  I know that Robin would take good care of The Biscuit.

I got up to Ebenezer around 5:00 PM Saturday.  There had been a huge storm up there starting at 1:30 AM to 5:30 AM with tons of rain and lightening so they didn't go riding til 11:30 AM for the morning ride.  They left for the afternoon ride after I got there.  Robin rode The Biscuit again.  I took pictures as they left.  I wasn't riding due to my knee hurting.  I had hoped to ride on Sunday but I stepped in a hole delivering the cake Saturday morning and my knee really was hurting.   They returned later and wow wee,  James was carrying a huge 3' or more coral snake he had killed OMG it was a big one!

Later that evening we were all chatting and carrying on and we heard sounds like the Jurassic Park dinosaurs screaming.  James' palomino mare kicked the stuffings out of Beverly's bay mare.  OMG she was squalling like a crazy horse.  James said the bay mare has always been the dominate mare but the dynamics had been shifting and Hollywood decided she wasn't going to take anymore from the bay mare.  She was cut up some and had a puffy spot on her leg.

The next morning Barry and the others left for a ride - Robin didn't ride and she and I chatted.   Ray Langley, Jacque and Andy and their daughter and another man came up to ride and I talked to them and chatted awhile.  Barry  rode for 3 hours and when we left we went to Novrotski's and ate lunch.  It was nice being up in the country with the horses whether I rode or not!

The I didn't ride trip
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