Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pundt Park with my peeps

Pundt Park

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Barry and I packed up the trailer Friday evening to go riding at Pundt Park Saturday.  We got to the barn just before 6:00 AM and loaded up the boys.  LOL  Barry turned Sarge loose to walk up the ramp and Sarge turned around and walked off towards the corner of the barn right as I rounded the barn.  LOL  I snagged him up and up he loaded.  Biscuit was more than ready...his food was in there!

Legato had to do the Indy 500 around her paddock before she'd let LeAnn catch her.  LOL  She gets so excited and she is gorgeous as she is galloping around tail flagging, mane whipping in the wind and snorting away.  It is good to get all of that fire out before the ride or at least release some of that energy.

Off we go and meet up with Kellie and Randy.  We had to stop in Liberty for a potty break and then we were on our way again.  We got to the park and I realized I didn't have my Coggins papers.  Gaaaa!  I am going to copy them and put them in the truck, car, and trailer.

Barry saddled up Sarge and said that he seemed sore.  I told him to take off the saddle and we tested him and he seemed a little sore.  LeAnn told Barry to lunge him and she thought he was off on the right leg...seems his bulb is a little tender - thrush no less.  Gaaaa.  We put Biscuit's Easy Boot Gloves on him and he was high stepping for a moment and then he was fine with it.  I will be ordering Sarge some Easy Boot Gloves of his own just in case.  I will need them when we go back to McKinney Roughs anyway.

Biscuit was a little wound up and when I got on he was like a toy that was twisted up.  I got a little uneasy but Kellie said "just ride it".  LOL  so I circled Biscuit and he did calm down.  I thought he was going to be like Ebenezer when he felt like he was going to explode.  Off we went - we rode all around, up and down, crossed the little stream and then crossed the creek.  We went all the way down that trail that goes north of the creek and to the high line.  We went back and when we came down the little hump to get to the beach Biscuit hit a canter and I lost my hat.  Had to get off and then he wouldn't stand still so I could get on.  Barry got in front of him so he would stand still.  My knee is in a knee brace.  I didn't need to twist that rascal.  We started off with a big trot, he hit a canter and we cantered down the sandy beach and into the water.  Woot!  I was holding the reins in one hand and clamping my hat on my head with the other.  We came across the water and up the sandy beach.  Barry got off to check the back of Sarge's hooves to make sure they weren't being rubbed by the Gloves.  Kellie went to the left into some trees, I went to the right, we converged and Elan kicked Biscuit in the chest with both barrels when Biscuit came up behind him!

Elan must have thought Biscuit was a bear...that horse NEVER kicks.  I have been trying to teach Biscuit NOT to tail gate but I think he was expected to when Kenny let friends/anyone ride him.  Nose to tail for non riders and Biscuit is just trying to keep that going!

We went across the cement bridge and down those trails.  On the way back Biscuit hit a little gallop - faster than a lope but not full out gallop.  He stopped quietly and easily.  Legato needed lots of space and she let him know to back off.  We were 2 horse lengths but that was too close for her.  I stopped him and waited for Barry so LeAnn could enjoy her ride without Biscuit being a nosey rosey.

The ride was fantastic.  We stopped for lunch and we all laughed and talked and cut up.  The LeAnn's rode another ride and Barry, Randy, Kellie and I called it a day.  We didn't want to over do Sarge and my knee!

We rode 7.3 miles and it was 90 degrees when we left.  It was hot and getting hotter.  My camera wasn't working - well I took two pictures but it won't let me down load them.  I took these with my phone.
Biscuit doing what he does best - eating!

Sarge in his little Easy Boot Gloves!!!

Randy, Lee Ann, LeAnn and Kellie's legs!

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