Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Biscuit and Sarge are trimmed by Reagan

After I got off of work I had to go to the Doctor's office for my results.  Dr. May's thinks my knee is just aggravated and not so much as ate up with arthritis.  Last year when I rode Butterbean in Barry's Billy Cook saddle with the first time, my knee was cranky for 2 months.  I think I aggravated it when I got on Legato to try out the Sharon Saare saddle and since I stand on my feet for 6 hours lugging paint it hasn't calmed down.   I just checked back in my blog and that was on March 23.  So it hasn't been two month yet!  I think it will just take longer; I will wear the knee brace, I will take Modec as prescribed and Kelllie said to ice it.  So last night I iced it.  I want to make it better so I can ride when I want and not have to sit on the side lines!

I went out to the barn and checked on my boy's hooves.  They looked pretty darn good.  Reagan did a mustang roll on both of them.  Biscuit let me pick up all four feet like a good boy.  I called LeAnn to see how it went with The Biscuit's first farrier experience.  She said that he pulled his foot back from Reagan a few times and she took him and backed him up and fussed at him and that was all it took.  She explained that he had not been trained to have a farrier do his feet.  Reagan slaps his chaps with his rasp and she said poor old Biscuit looked terrified when he would do that.  Reagan even felt sorry for him so he stopped doing it around The Biscuit.  I was glad that Biscuit was pretty calm about the whole thing.

I did ask her about the nippers she told me about.  I am going to run over to Vinton and get so next week.  I also asked her about the sharpness of the knives and she said Reagan stated that the knives don't come with a real edge on them - so I am going to take mine to Schmidt Saw and Knife and have the blade sharpened so I can cut their frogs and bars, etc.  It is just too hard with dull equipment! 

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