Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alfalfa Trip

Lee Ann and I took a trip to the Vinton Feed Store in Vinton, Louisiana to get alfalfa for the horses.   We each got 2 bales of hay.  It was somewhat stemmy but nice green color and fresh, alfalfa smell.

I asked Lee Ann how Biscuit's ride with Allison went yesterday.  She said Allison rode him in the arena and then Lee Ann rode him.  She said she had a great ride on The Biscuit - she said he is getting better and better.  That is so exciting!  She said she was turning him with the outside rein...Hope I am saying that right.  He gave her a little trash a few times but she buffed him up and he decided it was better to do what she wanted instead of what he wanted!!!  She is going to show me what she was doing with him.

Biscuit is just turning into an amazing horse and that is so satisfying considering he had been so roughly treated before.

Lee Ann and I talked about our trip to Brazos Bend  We are so excited about it!!!  I can't wait.  It can't get here fast enough.

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