Monday, January 2, 2012

Biscuit Lays Down on a Ride and final miles of 530.4

I actually made more miles than I thought I had and made a last ride of the year on New Year's Eve.  So I actually got 530.4 miles for the year.  Wow wee...I had originally hoped to get 400 miles.  I have set a new goal of 600 miles for 2012.  God willing and the creek don't rise, I will make that goal.

Kellie and I went riding on New Year's Eve.  I went to the barn to get Biscuit and he didn't want to load up.  I had to get the buggy whip and I backed him up snapping it on the ground.  He decided that golly...he would GET in that trailer.  

I got him tacked up and realized I didn't have his bridle.   I had taken it out to wrap it up for Christmas.  I tried Sarge's on him and it fit and the bit is literally the same.  Sue had joined us and off we went.  My saddle was a little loose but ok.  We went down Willow Bayou and Sue stopped at the gravel road and Kellie and I kept going.  Elan would stop and Biscuit was wanting to stop and do his back up baloney.  I flopped the reins around his shoulders, put my heels into him, used the rein to keep him from turning and growled at him.  He moved forward.  We did this about 3 times and he finally just kept going in spite of Elan stopping.  Good boy!!! I heaped praises on him.  We went over the Willow Bayou Bridge and stopped to clean hooves.  I tightened Biscuit's girth a bunch.  I couldn't believe it was so loose.  We mounted back up and Sue headed back because she can only ride Dulce so far.  Kellie and I went straight to go the right side of the trails.  Biscuit was walking slow and steady.  I told Kellie he'd be alot more forward when he perceived we were on the way back.  He trotted a little but not much...slow and steady and he was wet when we got back to Hildebrandt Bayou.  His hair is long and it was wet...not dripping wet but wet all the same.  We came up the other side and the hog's damage was so apparent.  We got to the front part and turned left where the canal picks up.

Biscuit started "peanut rolling" which was kind of strange for him.  When we got into the hairpin turn he shook from head to tail - I told Kellie he was so sweaty I was sure he was itchy.  We went over the land bridge and he started rolling the peanut and then stopped and laid down.  OMG that was so odd.  I felt him going down and I stepped off of him pretty as you please.  He was calm and I told him not to roll in his saddle but that didn't to seem to be his intention.  He laid there for a while and then stood up and shook his head.  His bridle came off his head and I put it back on.  He shook his head again and off it came again.  Kellie and I were surprised and confused at why he would lay down.  His heart rate was perfect, I put my ear to his sweaty coat and he had gut sounds.  I called Lee Ann P to ask her opinion.  I reported everything - good gut sounds, calm, clear eye, good heart rate.  She thought perhaps his girth had been a little tight.  I walked him to the bridge and over and then girthed him up loosely and mounted up.

We mounted up and passed up some people riding which was strange to see people we didn't know out there.  That is a rarity!  We got down by the woods and Sue was out on the canal.  Biscuit really perked up when he saw her and was moving very forward.  I asked for a small trot and immediately got it and he slowed when I asked him to.  We walked into the woods and to the right.  I walked Biscuit all the way back to the trailer.  I had tried to call Barry and he called me back when we were in the woods.  I told him about Biscuit.  When we came out of the woods I saw Barry driving down the road - he stopped, backed up and joined us.  He petted Biscuit and asked me and Kellie what happened.

I loaded Biscuit up and headed back to the barn.  I unloaded him and watched him closely.  He rolled around a little and his back right leg looked a little stiff.  I hung around and watched him for a while and then had to go deliver a wedding cake.  We delivered the cake and then went out to eat with Kellie and Randy.  I was concerned about Biscuit and Barry and I drove out to the ranch so I could check up on him.  He and Sarge were in the middle of the pasture but they came over.  Biscuit looked a little nervous - I would imagine the lights and us appearing in the dark was a little disconcerting to them. 

I got up New Year's Day and went out around 10:00 AM and checked on him.  He was just fine.  I really think the girth was a little snug and making him uncomfortable.  He didn't buck or act like an idiot...he just let me know the only way he knew how - he laid down!!!  What a sweetie.

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