Friday, January 6, 2012

Riding with my Barn Peeps

Wednesday I went out to the barn with my new helmet.  Lee Ann B helped me adjust it with the little pads on the inside so it fit snugly like it should.  Lee Ann P and I were going riding and convinced Lee Ann B she needed to go with us.  We pulled up the horses and loaded the 3 horse slant and took off to Tyrrell Park.

I took Biscuit out of the trailer and stood him at the end of the bed of the truck.  The trailer only has 2 ties on the right side and Biscuit, bless his heart, will just stand there.  I put his lead rope in the back of the truck at the corner and he just stayed right there.  Good boy!  I got him tacked up and mounted up first which is a miracle in itself.

Ricky_Venable was there at the Water Department and I talked to him.  I grew up with Ricky - he lived in our neighborhood on Earle Street.  I told him he was laying down on the job because of the downed trees.  He said he'd get on it and I told him we actually liked the trees because we had to step over them and it was good training but I did ask him to move the Bobcat Metal Track off the trail as it is dangerous for man or beast.  He said he would do that.  I hope so.

We took off and Biscuit led the way - we went to the left because Biscuit anticipates we are going right.  He was being a good boy.  Lee Ann P had tacked Legato up in her new Taylored Tack and she was a little unsettled by the breast collar as she had never worn one.

We tried a little jog for a short while but Legato was not wanting to settle down so we slowed.  We walked out onto the bayou and all the way down Willow Bayou to the bridge.  We crossed the bridge and walked straight and down the south side of the park.  We went about 1/2 way to Hildebrandt and turned around.  On the way up Willow Bayou near the trees we hit a jog and kept at it for a while.  Biscuit did a great job.  He was wanting to go faster but was able to get him finally in a collected jog.  We went into the woods and went to the left as we had already been down the other way.  When we got to the trail head I let the Lee Ann's go out and Biscuit and I worked on our "we go where Denise says go, not where the other horses or Biscuit wants to go" maneuvers.  He was resistant and going sideways then backing up.  He back up while I was urging him forward.  I turned him in circles but that only lasted 15 seconds and the went forward.  We walked about 10 yards and turned around and did the same at the trail head again.  Back and forth.  Once he gave me a little flack to the left of the trail head of not wanting to go forward but I pushed him through it and he did just fine.  I ended it by getting him to stand still with his nose in the bush and his butt pointed to the trail head.  When he finally stood still the lesson was over.  That took a minute or two with him wanting to turn his head or step to the side.    Once he stood still that was it.

I rode 7 miles Wednesday so I have a total of 13.8 miles for 2011.

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